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2016 State of the Teams Report

Forget the State of the Union Address, click HERE to read my 2016 State of the Teams Report (Patriots, Celtics, Bruins and Red Sox).

Best and Worst Pro Sports Cities

Updated February 2015

In Part I of my Best and Worst Pro Sports Cities analysis, I looked at championships to determine which American cities with multiple pro sports teams have been the most (and least) successful since 1970.

In Part II of my Best and Worst Pro Sports Cities I evaluated overall success (including long playoff runs) since 2000 for all cities with multiple teams.

March Madness Stats and Trends

Visit the March Madness section to read my statistical analysis of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Fifteen years worth of data has been compiled in an attempt to determine which statistical factors affect NCAA Tournament results. Team shooting percentage, season record against other top teams, road and neutral court record and RPI are just some of the factors including in my trends analysis.

Boston Sports Trends

Boston's four major pro sports teams have now won eight championships and made twelve trips to the final round in their sport since 2001. Take a look at my Boston Sports Trends Analysis to see how our teams have performed on an annual basis since 1975.

Favorite/Least Favorite Aspects of Sports

NHL -- Best -- Playoff overtime hockey. Every sport is loaded with postseason drama but nothing quite measures up to an overtime NHL game in the playoffs. First of all, it's sudden death so every shot on goal can end the game - or even the season if a team is facing elimination. It's stressful if your favorite team is involved but it's a beautiful stress. A Game 7 overtime takes it to the next level. Score and advance or give up a goal and be done for the season.

NHL -- Worst -- Meaningless regular season. The only thing that really matters in the NHL regular season is making the playoffs. Home ice advantage means very little in the NHL playoffs. Seeding means very little ...


Stat Corner

Boston is clearly the most successful pro sports city of the past decade but what about the past 40 years? I jumped into the data to find out. HERE is my analysis.

Who are the best Major League Baseball organizations, dollar for dollar? Click HERE for my analysis.


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